About the Health Academy Pathway


The Health Academy was established in 1995 in response to the rapidly growing need for health care professionals in southern Colorado.  According to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million new and replacement health care workers - growth of about 30 percent - will be needed by 2025. 

The unique partnerships between Pueblo City Schools, Pueblo Community College, Colorado State University - Pueblo, Parkview Medical Center, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center, and other Pueblo community health care agencies have made the Health Academy one of the most successful Health Sciences and Technology programs in the state of Colorado.

The Health Academy began as a class of 24 ninth grade students in 1995 and has grown to a current enrollment of approximately 120 students from Centennial High Schools.  

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Health Academy is to provide students with pathways to certification and post-secondary education in the health care industry in order to meet the growing need for health care professionals in southern Colorado.

The vision of the Health Academy is to be the premier program in challenging and facilitating high school students as they prepare for careers in the health professions.

Instructional sites 

The primary instructional sites for the Health Academy is Centennial High School.  Classes are held occasionally off-campus at St. Mary-Corwin and Parkview medical centers, Pueblo Community College and local health care facilities.

Admission and Continuation Requirements 

Admission to the Health Academy is open to all students who have an interest in a health-related career field, although  students must enroll at Centennial High School. The Health Academy is open to 9-12 grade students and students should have at least a 2.5 G.P.A. in science, math, and language arts.  Excellent attendance and good citizenship are also required for admission to the Health Academy.  

Course Description

See Health Academy Brochure below for required courses and other information. 


Transportation to and from the school and events is provided by the parents/guardians . 


The required yearly immunizations for all Health Academy students are TB (tuberculosis), and Influenza.  All other immunizations required by Pueblo City Schools high school students are also required.